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"time slipped away"


ADDENDUM: OK, I have to apologise profusely for this one. It took me so long to complete it, as stated below, and I wasn't firing on all engines. I thought I'd try to make the comic funnier with extra dialogue (after Travis yelled in the bottom panel). Turns out I didn't, and I saved over the layered .PSD, destroying this comic forever. Damn.

For those of you who don't understand the references this comic addresses, then I apologize. To those who do, skip to the next paragraph or this will just be an insult to your intelligence. The basic premise of the comic is Dungeons and Dragons. It uses the D20 system of rules; meaning that with the groundwork, you can play the game with only the core rules, a pencil, and some dice. The comic is a little poke at a few things. It shows how our little group plays, and also gives yet another reason why the Dungeon Master; the person who runs the game, shouldn't be allowed to use a player character.

This comic took me a disgraceful 20 hours to do; including non-productive time. I still don't think it looks as though it looks as though it had, but it is a step above the prior comics, and we're always aiming higher each time, right? I'm having a lot of problems with my material components. My inking pen is too green and red, and my paper leaves hours of tedious pixel shearing - even with the power of Photoshop. My first step before the next comic is to investigate, and find a different medium to work on.

Last week I turned on an I-Mac. I don't know why the little coloured oblong cried out to me... it just looked so damn lonely. After turning it on; I instantly felt the need to get one. Was it because I'm an unemployed student who hasn't upgraded processor in three years? Maybe... but it was the strangest thing. I still want one in fact. I'm sure there are some good points, and from what I've heard, they rock for graphic design. Whatever. This may sound lame to people, but I've had no need for such material devices lately.

A little rant update; I wanted to test out the Mac platform again. I thought it would be a larf and I didn't have anything better to do. Well, I had Social Studies to do, but society aint going nowhere. So I try to locate Photoshop just to compare. Funnily enough, the Mac didn't even HAVE Photoshop on it. I scoffed at the librarian when she told me. I should try not to be too rude to them - I kinda need that library.


Mark has just gone back to University. Economics, Politics and a smidgeon of Philosiphy. If this doesn't spell humourless I don't know what does. I'm honoured to be working with Mark on this comic. Neither of us have really done anything of the calibre we're aiming at, (even though I feel as if I'm getting cloise fast), and we're still just learning. Anyone that wants to complain about quality of script, then do so. I'm confident that Marky boy will get into the mindset sometime in the near future and then you'll see just how amusing even the most introverse scholar can be... by that I mean not just laughing at their oddly misshaped body and unusual feeding habits. Heh heh... mytosis. Err... moving on.

On a lighter, and more stupid note; I discovered the evils of wearing boxers as apposed to briefs. I'll never look at my mountain bike in the same way again.

"rant of the sugerplum faeries"


//Rant goes here for Mark Mark//

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