Well there's a lot of webcomics, isn't there? Stupendous amounts of them. And there isn't all that much that's unique about them, is there? Well Mark and I were rather peeved about this, and decided to make blancmange one of a kind. Well... at least for a while will be one of a kind, because an idea like this won't stay singular. We love webcomics. We struggle through many a webcomic to find ones we want to read. We say "hey: why isn't there any review sites for webcomics?" We decide to piggy-back one on our site. *sniff*... Such a beautiful tale...

Oh yeah, we decided to review other things too.

Note: Because the first thing I decided to review was the controversial Daikatana, and out of jest, we've decided to rank everything in "Daikatanas". Funnily enough, one Daikatana equals one percent. It's funny how things work out.


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