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"a new realm of pain"


ADDENDUM: Apparently this was in-joke humour. As far as I can see, it's some inconsiderate prat getting his just desserts for spoiling people's viewing experience. Judge for yourselves.

Today's comic is an unusual one I guess you could say... Not very easy to follow. Tuesday nights are when my Anime society gets together to watch our weekly three hour dose of Anime. Mark and myself only recently both began going; me managing to drag him away from hiding from society long enough to enjoy himself. Once Mark actually decides to write a more explanatory script to introduce who some people are supposed to be, (although it should occur as time goes on,) it is enough to say that both Mark and I are there, and that the comic is another 'real life' webcomic. As this kind of thing occurs during the evening you can see how this could upset a few people. Our good *cough* friend Julian revels in giving away vital snippits of what we are about to watch as the intro rolls on, so we also revel in giving him a tongue lashing for his troubles. But exaggeration is much funnier. I also really dislike Noir. It happens...

Well I'm finally back on the horse as it were. After a great deal of posturing and day in and day out of reading online comics, I decided to bring it home once more. All it took was one question to my perspective writer, and a good period of time in character creation. I'll go into more detail because... well... this is my time to rant.

A long many time ago I started drawing again after a long absense since my childhood. Unfortunately, even today, I still can't say I'm better than I was when I was a mere 8 years old. A new interest in Anime flared my interest as I drooled along to the mesmerising art of Kosuke Fujishima (I swear... just the art... really.) So once more, I toted a pacer like I had once a pencil barely an inch long to try and create something worth looking at. I even went to the extent of trying to get help from tutorials off the Internet and a friend of mine's guidance ( In the end, due to a tumultuous part of my life back then I couldn't really get off the ground.

Time past by. Slowly I read more and more online comics and my life settled back down. Infrequent use of the pacer had left my abilities atrophied once more, so I announced a revision of my comic - under the wing of a new artist, instead of doing it myself. I thought that I could write amusing enough to carry my intent thusly. Of course I hadn't counted on my artist having a life, (c'mon - you know I what I mean,) and it never even thought of thinking about getting off the ground.

One day I was looking at one of my favourite comics; MacHall (, and I got to regretting. Regretting really sucks. I thought how fun it must be to live simply to do what you enjoy. It had been so long since I had led any sort of normality in my life that I forgot how much I enjoyed drawing. Having something creative to work with. Study is a drag, and I'm getting rid of all of my financial responsibilities so that I can solely concentrate on my studious pursuits, and living once more. Ian McConville is my twisted little Muse.

Just a small additon: I created and uploaded Mark's 'precious' Dossier page, so now you can know who is who. Small note: the Mark that writes the comic is the 1st Mark that appears on the page. Enjoy.

"damn those whatsits"


Okay.... This is the beginning. The weirdness starts here. Fear it. I agreed to write for this webcomic for several interesting reasons. First, I am amused by the antics of people I know, and want others to also see said antics and laugh. Secondly, ehhhh, who cares.

Ohhhh, $20, I wanted a peanut....

Anyway, I just finished writing up the characters section. It will be there as soon as someone competent with HTML puts it up.

In other news, Australian politics is amusing. Our Prime Minister has been under fire for saying that "asylum seekers" threw children overboard, and demonised them because of it. He said this during the election campaign. It turns out that their boat was sinking at the time.

It also doesn't help the average Aussie's opinion of "asylum seekers" that many of them are Afghanis, and we all know what happened late last year. The Howard government had successfully convinced many Australians that many "asylum seekers" are terrorists in disguise.

Unfortunately, it has been notoriously easy to inflame racial predjudice in Australia. This is due to constant propoganda for more than a century. However in this latest case, meehhhhhh.... Stuff. Although I like to rant sometimes, sometimes I just get cut short by distractions, like going through the MacHall archives. Blame someone, not me.

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