Well it seemed like a necessity to link you people to better and more fulfilling webcomics than our own. We are really, really sorry. I suggest you run away as quickly as possible to one of these other, more deserving webcomics. Go on - GO!

Just our quaint little banner. No pressure... Proper version in Stuff.

Twisted satire. This is some funny shite.

Just look. You'll thank me later.

You don't get much more twisted than this.

A woman made entirely of pie. Doctor Swordopolis. Need I say more?

See Riboflavin and his sidekick Folate battle evil with MEGAPOWER!

Dead and buried now. Poe has moved onto Errant Story.

Something*Positive - This is some damn good Evil.

Plufim is the War and Peace of webcomics. Trust me.

Simon stopped for now. Visit his main page here. By which I mean directly to the left.

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