I'm sure there was a reasoning towards creating blancmange, but what and why I can't possibly remember anymore. I guess that means I don't deem the information important enough to remember, and I'm much more interested in continuing the creation of each new comic as apposed to reflecting for inspiration. In any event, I assume because you are here you are interested, so far be it for me to stop you. Read on to find out my and Mark's introduction into the world that is blancmange.


Not a lot to say... I lost my original introductions so it becomes hard to recoalesce exactly what went on in my mind. I'll try to keep it as simple as possible.

blancmange is my second webcomic. The first was a rather mediocre attempt in an artistic sense in '01. Following the mainstay of Reality-Based comics such as RealLife and of course the inspiration for this second attempt; Mac Hall. I knew that the circle of people I consider to be friends are about as insane as most groups in Reality-Based comics, so I didn't see why I shouldn't use them.

From my last webcomic, the scripts were never really all that bad, but because of time constraints, the drawing was abysmal. I wanted to streamline the whole ordeal, and borrow from my partner in crime's sense of humour so as with a lot of webcomics, the artist can write scripts, but much prefers the drawing.

The comics are roughly based on the goings on of our little cadre/s. The personalities of the characters are accurate, although as normal with people on the Internet, exaggeration obviously occurs. As usual - some of the stories are mostly based on real life, some aren't, and some are spawned from massive sleep-deprivation or whimsy.

Although the characters have changed as the comics go on, it isn't that hard to recognise who is who. We try to use names as much as possible, and I haven't had any complaints asofar. The Dossiers page is there just in case there is any question.

As mostly happens, the theme of the comic is as our interests. The title of the comic itself came from one - being British humour. Moreso, there's themes like Anime, gaming, pen and paper Role Playing, and dribbles and drabs of various other sources of interest.

To say any more than this would be pointless. What you see is what you get. Go and read and enjoy.



"An Introduction to.... blancmange."

1. A flavored and sweetened milk pudding thickened with cornstarch.

2. A webcomic by Chris Schlatter and Mark Stoffels. Based on their lives, and characterised by somewhat inane humour. Infrequently updated due to the nature of its authors, it is read by a slowly increasing number of idiots who think Chris and Mark funny. With occasional flashes of brilliance, the authors hope to gain a decent fan base in order to set up a Paypal account and sponge off other people. Inspired by Monty Python's Flying Circus, other webcomics like Pentasmal and Mac Hall, and a dream Mark once had after imbibing too much Port.

3. Something that nearly won Wimbledon, but was eaten before it could complete its match, leaving a Scotsman as the victor by default.


blancmange Copyright '02-'03 Chris Schlatter and Mark Stoffels. All Rights Reserved.