Tch. Yeah, like this'd ever happen. I remember I was telling myself that not very long ago, but lo and behold - hell froze over. That, or whatever completely unlikely event occured that led people to care enough for some facet of the comic to offer up some art/strips they created in homage to blancmange. You know what? You're all crazy. Especially me. Additional info comes in the form of alternate text... just hold the freaking cursor over the image for more than three seconds.

This was drawn by Connell Wood of Plufim ( when I broke down and drew #45. I was complaining about drawing Mark, and I was told to just do it. So I did... to a degree. Ciarne drew this one just after Connell. We all just happened to be at AJAS (Adelaide Japanese Animation Society,) so I suppose there was some serendipity on that evening.      

blancmange Copyright 2002 Chris Schlatter and Mark Stoffels. All Rights Reserved.