Note: The characters below, although all based on real people (well, most of them) are merely representations of these people. The characters have begun to take on a life of their own. However, in the case of Mark, I find it hard to differentiate sometimes between myself and my comic self.


The character of Mark is indeed a complex one. Most of the time you would think that he doesn't care. This is a mistake. Rather, he just couldn't be bothered. When he can be bothered however, he becomes a machiavellian manipulator. Cunning, unusual, twisted, and some would say wise. He is old before his time. Yet he also possesses a certain simplicity.


The character of Chris is just as complex. Equally as lazy as Mark, Chris nevertheless prefers to rage against the reality that fails to live up to his ideal. Chris also possesses a unique moral dichotomy (read "is self serving when it suits"). Stubborn, angsty, idealistic, loyal, honest (well, mostly.. and often to a fault)


James is a little guy with a big heart. He is almost childlike in his seeming. However, he is also unwashed, unkempt, and "dirty" in quite another sense of the word. This lends itself to the fact he was mistaken for a lost puppy and put in the pound during a recent outing.

The Goombas:

Chris was drawing these little guys way before Ian of Mac Hall and Connell of Plufim. So nyer.

Ensign Rodak:

Don't ask.

The Ghost of Cereal Passed:

A fibre joke out of control.

Kevin the Koala of Doom:

The mortal nemesis of Steve Irwin.

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