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"writer lancet: check"


ADDENDUM: Once again, this was deemed an in-joke. All I see is an obvious cry for help being shot down in an amusing fashion. Maybe I'm just bitter in my old age...

It seems my quote unquote writer revels in little "in-jokes" at the moment. Never fear; I shall crush him into a little ball of humility and hurl him against the spikes of crowd-pleasing-fun. I shall achieve this by writing my OWN script for the comic! HA! ... Really... I can write.

Mark had planned this to be a little joke that popped up back in the ol' Y2K when our little group of misfits and outcasts mixed with the intellectually elite were all still in the same high, rather than scattered through educational institutions over the state. I kept the script to the same theme, but revamped it (heavily) so that the general populous may find it funny rather than 3 or 4 people. So... if we get more hits than that, it will all have been worth it. Once the semi-permanent webpage design has been created by Mr. Travis, I'll put a link to the alternate comic in for those who are interested. It's worth a look; shows just how zany we can be.

I tried to do this comic purely in Photoshop, but to no avail. The shadowing looks awful and there was far too much tinkering - (my Ink is too red and green and I can't get a good scan). I'll be taking some votes to see if I should either keep progressing with the full colour, or if people rather the hand-textured then variant style I used in the first comic.

This week has been far too hectic to develop any decent sort of rant except to say I capitalised on Telstra's escape route they provided for their poor ADSL service they rendered. So it looks like I'm back on the dial-up train as I look for some casual employment.

If you happened to enjoy the comic, please visit the wonderful people I've linked here.

Peace out. The Mark that writes the comic is the 1st Mark that appears on the page. Enjoy.



Due to a freak accident involving my brain and thought, I created yet another GODDAMN IN-JOKE! I'm so sorry... I shall now replace my blood with vegetable oil and heat myself to 300 degrees and deep fry all you poor people some chips.

And that's what I wished Mark would have said.

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