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"hunger strikes"


Well, as Connell was prompt and kind enough to get me a comic on such short notice, I could only hope to do the same. I could have gotten of my rear and done it too. So I did. I have a special connection to that dynamic duo. I was there at their birth. An artist creating characters is in no way like actual child birth,. For starters there's twice the blood and swearing. And they are more than happy to hear suggestions for the name of their child. Boris was the name I suggested to Connell. It didn't have anything to do with Boris Karloff though.

When I was a good deal younger, I used to watch Fast Forward, what is now a classic Australian series, with a great cast of comedians. There was a continuing skit where two of them would pretend to be co-anchors for a Soviet news program. Boris was just this homely Russian guy, who always had me laughing, and at that age, a lot of the time I had no idea what I was laughing about. The catch phrase his female co-anchor would always spout was, 'Boris, you are a very unattractive man.' Just reminded me of the eggplant for some reason of the other. Eh.

What else is on the agenda... oh yes, Mass Consumerism Day. There isn't anything I dislike more right now. I'm still without job, and I'm expected to go out, and probably spend about a third of my wealth on gifts nobody will like, only to be stunted when it comes time once more, to resume the futile search for fiduciary stability.

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