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games sometimes showcases games that most people would find disturbing, twisted and just plain sick. This doesn't bother me much considering that I am pretty disturbed, twisted and sick. Of course, (other than their normal awful games), I refer to the H games reviews. I read the because it's a great laugh. Anyway, I wanted to see which game got the least negative review of all of them. It happened to be a nifty little game called "Sentimental Shooting". Now what will suprise most is that I obtained this game NOT because of the adult content, but because I have a strange obsession with Japanese Shooters (see? Told you I was twisted).

The complete perversity of the game may overshadow some interesting and rather ingenuitive gameplay. Then again like most games coming out recently, it isn't the game but the *cough* content that wins them. S.E.X sells.

1: Take one cute girl 

2: Stir in fibre-loving

3: Add laser fire   
and roast in hot combat

4: Make sure Ganthoid  garnish is removed   

5: Discard lingerie  
after bast
ing slightly 

6: Add mosaic and remove
the batte
ry to taste  

7: Serves... one to two?

OK. This game makes no false musings that there is any plot at all. It's just mindless shooting. Sure, you could always make up some kind of plot. So here goes... You're an interplanetary privateer that has been charged with the destruction of the Ganthoids: a parasitic race that feeds on the life-force of young chaste women. Your chase leads you to modern day Japan where the Ganthoids found several key districts overflowing in such a resource. The power can only be successfully channeled so long as there is some form of inorganic fibre between the ship and the target's flesh: such is the make of these girl's uniforms. You are armed with special laser technology: tailored to eliminate only the Ganthoids and fabric. With the destruction of the clothing, the 'battery' is uncovered, and can only be completely destroyed once the girl also loses her undergarments. Being the gentleman/woman that you are, you also emit a masking field on their nethers in the cause of good taste. There. You now have a plot. At least it sounds more feasible than the shite they back up normal H games with. Then again I'm sure most of you that get this game won't give a Pope's Miter about the plot. Most of it will be judged by-

-graphics. As I did mention in my faux plot, and because this was a game legally sold in Japan, all of the artwork is censored as to comply with their restrictions. The overall quality of the art is relatively average, and nothing to write home about: not that "Dear Aunt Jude, I saw a really pretty nekkid girl today" is what most sane people would do. It's not cheap like normal H games. Real effort was put into it. Not to mention the sheer size of the 'backgrounds'. The ship sprites are like most scrolling shooter sprites. Pretty simplistic, and rather heavy on the ammunition sense. Then again I'm sure a lot of players will be dying too much due to preoccupation in watching pieces of fabric flutter away as it is blasted. There are no film-clips or cinematic sequences, or much more than just backgrounds. At the end of each level, you can take a 2-3mb snapshot of the background: that being the poor girl you just forcefully removed. I suppose that was worth a mention. Wouldn't be a hentai game if you couldn't keep pictures I suppose...

Sound. Yes sound. I can say quite soundly that the audio in this game leaves something to be desired. There are very few sound bytes in the game, leaving a rather hollow feeling when playing. The music is pretty well-paced, and accompanies the game quite well. Not much to say other than you perverts that expect some form of moan or groan when certain places are shot will be sorely disappointed. You shoot the clothing, not the girl. Deal with it. (Well... there is this ONE level- never mind).

Like most of the games I love, Sentimental Shooting has some fantastic gameplay. In a nutshell: Each level is separated into a normal section and a boss section. You are required to destroy clothing to pass levels. The level scrolls in a set fashion across and around the girl: always the same, and always leaving you with only a limited amount of time to destroy the clothing. Each piece of clothing/lingerie has a HP total as well as certain locations that must be reduced to zero before the clothing is removed. All locations (highlighted by boxes with a HP total within when struck) must be destroyed to move on to the boss (and take the snapshot). The lingerie must be destroyed before you defeat the boss or else you will fail the level (and not be able to take a snapshot!) With each item of clothing destroyed, the screen is purged of weapon fire from your enemies, so a great degree of timing is required. You have a secondary attack which creates the same effect, but conservation of it is suggested. After all: it's much more important when fighting the insane bosses. Your ship flies slower as you spew out weapons fire than when you don't: which makes sense and actually adds another important element to the game. Also the girls themselves cause some problems. A rather large distraction when you have all these little bullets to dodge. All in all, the elements of the game make for a brilliant scrolling shooter.

Multiplayer... well it isn't exactly supported, but if you're in an open relationship... A bottle of wine, some candles, and an anime fixation with both parties you may: uh... scratch that. Never mind. I'm not suggesting this game as any kind of foreplay. Really.

Because the concept of a H game with actual factual gameplay that could be used in a real game is just astonishing, I thought it deserved a special mention. I'm rather torn deciding if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I suppose I won't be pulling it out during the next LAN I go to though. Although I'm starting to think that they could have constructed a workable plot to this game, ala Ganthoids. For sha-ame.

In closing, this is a masterful concept, shrouded in a H game. If you replace the girl's clothing targets with ground installations, THEN you'll have a game that can be enjoyed by a lot more people. Ah well: what are you going to do? If you can 'bare' the content, than fans of the scrolling shooter genre will be pleasantly surprised. As far as I can recommend people play an adult game, I will suggest they get this. Heh... I'll also laugh at all of you losers who can't even complete a level. Ganthoids and faux plot of Sentimental Shooting are intellectual property of Christopher Schlatter. But you can steal it if you want. I'm too lazy to care. Just give me a honourable mention and a copy of the game. Damn that would be great.

 sentimental shooting
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