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Men in Hats is the second webcomic by Aaron Farber, the creator of the cult hit "Pentasmal". It follows the same formula of Pentasmal, with characters interacting and making a mockery of society, reality and each other. The major difference is that Men in Hats has more regular characters, and thus there is a wider range of personalities with which Farber can work. The artwork seems to be more stable in this second comic in a style that is recognisably Farber's. Unfortunately, thus far Men in Hats is inferior to Pentasmal in its style.



Pentasmal was a truly brilliant comic in which the flaws present only served to highlight the sheer brilliance of the whole. In choosing to work with a cleaner, more polished style for Men in Hats, I fear Farber may have consigned it to be forever in the shadow of its mighty predecessor. It is quite possible that like so many before him Farber is seeking perfection. However, with his intelligence and insight present in each comic a stable art style is not needed. In fact in his case I believe it detracts from the comic’s quality, especially since the gritty unstable style of Pentasmal suits such comedy well. This of course is a property that seems to be unique to Aaron Farber. I would say this of no other webcomic creator I know of, except those who use such style on purpose.

Updates are regular, but with a few periods of inactivity that seem to be caused by Farber’s ongoing education for the most part.

Although very funny at times, Men in Hats is less cutting than Pentasmal. Still, I certainly rate it highly, but Men in Hats lacks that special something that made Pentasmal so great.

 men in hats

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